Do you believe?

GOLF is……

  • only for rich people
  • too expensive
  • only for Pensioners
  • not really a sport

You[nbsp]are wrong[nbsp]and we will convince you[nbsp]if you allow us

GOLF is…

  • not more expensive[nbsp]comparatively[nbsp]than a fitness studio
  • for children from the age of 6 years
  • also still learnable at the age of 60
  • the fun of playing in the midst of nature
  • once the – Golf Bug Strikes- its like a drug

It is like other sports, first an interest, then search for more information and bit by bit you come closer to trying it out for yourself at some point.

That is the same with Golf, many who have an interest take part in a “Schnupperkurs”. There you will soon find out if you have a feel for the sport or not. The first hours are pioneering and therefore also important.


Do not try it without Professional help. The frustration of not stiking the ball can be enormous.


The right way is to give it a try in a “Schnupperkurs”. A Golfinstructor will show the basics like grip, posture and movement.

Then if you decide Golf is a sport for you, everything follows automatically. We are looking foward to welcome